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The Doves Of Fire


 in Madrid, Spain....March 2-8, 2009

Melvin Lee, Mitchel Forman, Chuck Loeb, Wolfgang Haffner

Metro (Special Edition)
(with Sandeep Chowta)

in Mumbai, India....March 8-15, 2009

Dave Weckl, Melvin Lee, Mitchel Forman, Sandeep Chowta (promoter), Eric Marienthal, Chuck Loeb

Lee Ritenour
"Overtime" DVD
Featuring: Dave Grusin - Ivan Linns - Patrice Rushen - Barnaby Finch - Ernie Watts, Harvey Mason - Alex Acuna - Oscar Seaton - Anthony Jackson - Melvin Lee Davis - Dave Carpenter - Kenya Hathaway - Grady Tate.

                                                              Lee and Oscar Seaton                                            Grabbing another MD7 Contrabass Guitar

                                                           Reading                                                                                       Dave Grusin - Lee Ritenour

                                     Lee Ritenour's Set-up for "Overtime"                                                        Eric Marienthal - Melvin Lee Davis

Lee Ritenours "Rits House" session
at Sunset Sound Studios


                     Lee Ritenour, John Beasley, and Ernie Watts listening                                                Vinnie Colaiuta....consummate!!


                      Lee Ritenour & Paulino De Costa share a warm greeting               John Beasley..... "Come on Mel! put the camera down. it's time to record.

"Forever, For Always, For Luther" Rehearsal  10/10 & 11/2005
  A Luther Vandross Tribute

                                                           Rex Rideout                                                           Mike White flexing his GROOVE muscle!!
                                       The Producer and Musical Director


                                              Mark Stephens: Keyboards                                                       Ray Fuller with a smile! Guitar


         Ron Bruner Jr. came out to hang with Mike White and the fellas                 I forgot to turn the camera on myself!!!

Dman! hooked a brothah up with this shot, so here's the whole band with Paul Jackson Jr.

Robben Ford Tour in London  November 7-19, 2006

                         Gary Novak, Melvin Lee, Robben Ford



Photos by Ian Woolway

The Jeff Kashiwa & Coastal Access "Simple Truth" Sessions in Germany

Jeff kashiwa - Chuck Loeb - Mark Stephens - Dave Hooper - Melvin Lee...... Listening

John Novello's B3 Soul Band in Seattle..Jazz Alley
featuring Eric Marienthal, Melvin Lee, and  Rayford Griffin

Brandon Fields Group in Costa Rica
featuring John Beasley, Melvin Lee , and Joel Taylor

Lee Ritenour in Session
Jan. 16-19, 2006

Lee Ritenour, Sheila E. & Don Murray

 Don Murray                                                               
Alex Acuna

                                                                                               Steve Tavaglione

    Abe Laboriel                                                     Patrica Rushen

                                     Sheila E.                                                                                        Lee, Patrice, Melvin Lee

My Set Up                                                                Oscar Seaton

                                Vinnie Colaiuta                                                            Richard Bona

Gerald Albright in Session
October 24, 2005

Jubu, Tracy Carter, Patrice Rushen, Gerald Albright, Tony Moore, Melvin Lee & A.J.

Gerald Albright in Session
October 17 & 18, 2007

Rex Rideout, Gerald Albright, Melvin Lee, Errol Cooney, Tracy Carter, Teddy Campbell

Jon Montalban in Session
October 02 & 03, 2007

Milton, Sergio, Jon, Mick, Melvin Lee, Julio

LDP Trio in Session
in Hong Kong, China
November 12 & 13, 2007

Lewis Paragasam - Jack Lee - Melvin Lee

Melvin Lee - Eugene Pao - Jack Lee and his wife after session dinner

Lalah Hathaway In Session
Jan. 10, 2008

Rex Rideout - Lalah - Melvin Lee - Mike - Jubu

Ledisi In Session
Jan. 10, 2008

Lalah Hathaway In Session
Jan. 23, 2008

Raymond Shields - Tim Carmon - Lalah - Melvin Lee - Paula Gallitano - Michael White - A.J.

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Lee Ritenour In Session
Dec. 14, 2009

John Scofield - Larry Goldings - Harvey Mason - Noel Lee - Melvin Lee - John Burk - Lee Ritenour

Lee Ritenour
In Session
Dec. 18, 2009

Lee Ritenour

Mike Stern

Simon Phillips

John Beasley

Melvin Lee

Iwan Van Hetten In Session
Jan. 6 & 7, 2010

Russell Ferrante - Iwan Van Hetten - Will Kennedy - Melvin Lee

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