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Musicians who play drums
Click on their names and you can listen to clips of my playing with these great musicians.
Make no mistake....there is a HUGE difference between "Drummers" and "Musicians who play Drums"
Enjoy these
"Musicians who play Drums" as I have.

Dennis Chambers

Dave Weckl

Harvey Mason

Simon Phillips

Omar Hakim

Steve Ferrone

John JR Robinson
(Live performance w/Rufus feat. Chaka Khan)

Will Kennedy

Ron Bruner Jr.

Ricky Lawson

Sonny Emory

Michael Bland

Chris Coleman

Oscar Seaton

Gary Novak

Julien Brown

lil' John Roberts

Teddy Campbell

Jay Williams

Michael White

Dave Hooper: Jeff Kashiwa & Coastal Access

Tony Moore

Cleverson Silva

Dave Haynes

Chad Wright

Lamont Peoples

Rogerio Jardim: Keeva

Julio Figueroa